5 Things To See In Macau

While Macau has long been a favorite of gamblers from across Asia, recent trends that the ‘Vegas of Asia’ is starting to attract ever more visitors from across the world. Those choose to grab their passport and do so are guaranteed an experience quite unlike any other. This former Portuguese colony is a stunning blend of European and Asian cultures, which have molded together to create an exotic, flamboyant and often incredibly luxurious destination. Much like Hong Kong, Macau enjoys a level of autonomy from the Chinese government that makes it a global hot-spot for the jet-set lifestyle. That being said there’s a huge amount to see and do when taking a break from the casinos. Here are five of the sites that any visitor much be sure to check out.

1) Soak Up The Atmosphere At Senado Square

The iconic Senado Square represents the very heart of Macau and nowhere is better to get a taste of the fascinating east meets west culture. World famous for its unique, wavy patterned floor and blend of traditional and colonial architecture, visitors can visit one of many European style plaza cafes while enjoying a variety of exotic teas and foodstuffs. Perhaps one of the world’s best locations for ‘people watching’ it is also conveniently surrounded by many of the most famous casinos and hotels. For best views of the square be sure to head up to the second floor of the Leal Senado building (a fascinating site in its own right).

2) Day & Night At The Ruins Of St.Pauls.

The ruins of St.Pauls (it burned down in 1835) are again a fascinating and icon attraction and like almost all public attractions in Macau completely free to visit. Sure they can be crowded during the daytimes, but we’d suggest visiting once the sun has set when the ruins are illuminated by atmospheric spot lights. The only downside to an evening visit is that the museum closes at 6 pm which is relatively early by Macau standards. Visitors not shy to splash the cash ought to consider treating themselves to a night or two at one of the surrounding hotels, many of which offer bedroom views of the ruins.

3) Take A Trip To Taipa Village

There are no excuses for even the most enthusiastic gambler not to take a break and visit this gorgeous little community. Located just by the lively main casino strips, within just a few minutes you can be strolling around quaint traditional side street packed with indigenous history and culture. The Taipa Village is the ‘insiders’ tip on where to find the best souvenirs and gifts to take home – some traders will be happy to haggle, others will be less inclined, so pick your vendor carefully! As everywhere in Macau there’s no shortage of cafes and amazing restaurants to choose from.

4) Unwind With A Spa

The Macau spas are rightly world famous for their indulgent decadence, and certainly not the place to go for just a quick manicure. Treatment sessions tend to last for up to three hours, allowing plenty of time to relax and play online jackpot games at Red Flush Casino. There are plenty of venues to choose from but the spa service at the Grand Lisboa Hotel is perhaps the most famous (and expensive!). Guests are pampered with a vast range of treatments available, all in a historic rooftop dome with typically amazing views over the city.

5) Indulge At The Fisherman’s Wharf

Macau needn’t burn too large a hole in your bank balance, but let’s be honest high-end luxury shopping and fine dining are part of the appeal! The tastefully renovated old Fisherman’s Wharf is now perhaps the most popular shopping district in town, as well as home to a good number of fine dining established. Everything is convenient and close by, so no matter whether just window shopping or looking to spend big, this is a must see destination for anyone wanting to taste the lifestyle enjoyed by the 1%.