A Closer Look at the Major Benefits of Hydrotherapy

When it comes to massages, we each have our own preference. Some of us like Swedish massages, whilst others prefer Shiatsu massages. Those who have tougher constitutions like Thai massages, and no one can deny that a Turkish massage is one of the strongest massages you can ever have.


But what about a hydrotherapy massage? It can easily be said that anyone who likes massages – whatever form of massage you prefer – should also have an appreciation of hydrotherapy massage. And why not? Not only does it soothe and relax, it is also an intensely unique experience that will leave you wanting more.

The good news is that nowadays, you don’t have to visit a spa or a hydrotherapy centre just to get the full benefits of a hydrotherapy treatment session. You can actually have it in your own home and it need not cost an arm and a leg. You can simply purchase a shower cabin with built in hydrotherapy water jets which you can aim at different areas of your body, allowing you to experience a soothing massage in minutes. You’ll know exactly what we are talking about when it comes to shower cabins by visiting http://www.jtspas.co.uk/shower-cabins-372-c.asp, which features a whole array of inexpensive yet totally modern shower cabins to choose from.

But let’s go back to what we were talking about; with regards to benefits, a hydrotherapy massage and shower offers plenty. Let’s take a look at what these benefits are:

Pain and stress relief and the release of tension in the muscles

If you are constantly stressed, you can exhibit this stress in different ways. You can become prone to headaches and migraines, or you can feel soreness in your neck, shoulders, and back. Fortunately, this muscle soreness and pain can be directly alleviated by a hydrotherapy shower and massage. When you spend time in a hydrotherapy shower, the water jets actually fuel the release of the body’s endorphins, which can give you natural relief from pain.

Apart from pain relief, a hydrotherapy shower and massage can give you relief from mental and emotional stress. As mentioned, the release of those all-important endorphins is a great mood enhancer, making you feel happier and less anxious at the same time.

The enhancement of your immune system

When you are having a hydrotherapy session, whether it’s in your own shower or in a spa, your body will also have better blood flow. Your blood circulation will increase, which also promotes the movement of fluids such as lymph. Lymph is an important fluid produced by the immune system that gathers and then gets rid of toxic or unwanted matter in your body. By making a hydrotherapy shower experience part of your daily or weekly routine, you can enhance and toughen your immune system and make yourself stronger and less prone to coughs and colds.

Quicker and more extensive healing for muscle damage and injury
Athletes and sports enthusiasts will be happy to know that a hydrotherapy session can work wonders for injured, sore, or damaged muscles. Since a hydrotherapy shower and massage increases your blood flow, your body’s circulatory system will become stronger and muscle pain from muscle injuries or damage can be alleviated as well. And because you have better circulation, your injured muscles and tissues will heal more quickly and become rehabilitated and as good as new in no time.

Image attributed to marin/FreeDigitalPhotos.net