A List of Essential Elements You should Look for in a Real Luxury Hotel Room

It’s easy for any hotel – and we mean any – to classify themselves as a luxury hotel. The term has been overused for years, and guests are no longer sure what to expect. But if you are looking for true luxury when staying in a hotel, there are some essential elements that distinguish the real deal from the ‘fakes.’ Here’s a list of those essential elements you should look for in a real luxury hotel room.


What a true luxury hotel room needs to offer:

  • A beautiful room

Needless to say, a true luxury hotel should offer you a beautiful room, at the very least. The room should be elegantly-decorated, with consistency in its design and high-quality as well as sturdy furnishings, i.e. no rickety tables or chairs, no stained or dilapidated reading lamps, and so on.

There should be careful attention to detail when it comes to the room’s aesthetics – a room where you will feel instantly pleased and delighted as soon as you walk through the door. The room’s walls should be made of real material, whether it’s wood, adobe, or other materials, and if the room’s walls are covered in wallpaper, it should at least be real wallpaper.

  • Necessities for comfort

A true luxury hotel should also offer the necessities you need for a comfortable stay. This would include a good and efficient air conditioning and heating system, preferably one that is quiet. It should also include a bed – king-sized – with comfortable bedding and linen, including plush pillows, duvets and mattress toppers, and a firm yet cosy mattress, such as those provided by luxury hotels Oxfordshire like Heythrop Park Resort and the Crowne Plaza. The sheets should be of high-quality and preferably made from cotton and natural fibres as well.

  • The room’s furnishings

As mentioned, the room’s furnishings need to be sturdy and comfortable. But first of all, every luxury hotel room should be equipped with a desk or work surface and a chair (at least one), appropriate storage areas such as a counter or drawers, closet or wardrobe space, a reading lamp or a series of lights set in different areas of the room, a good-sized mirror, and a clock.  

  • Other amenities

As a hotel guest, there are certain items you should expect as well which will aid in a truly comfortable, luxurious stay. This would include a robe as well as slippers (two robes and two slippers are a standard), a coffee maker or water heater, an in-room safe, hangers in the closets, and complementary bottled water and complementary WiFi access. In addition, expect the room to have a flat television screen with cable TV, preferably in a good size and not pivoting or bolted to the ceiling.


Image attributed to stockimages/FreeDigitalPhotos.net