The Australian Snowy Mountains

When people think about the Snowy Mountains they are usually thinking about taking a ski trip or checking out Therdbo’s Christmas (which is in July by the way!). The best time to visit is of course when the snow is falling, hence the name.

If you do find yourself in the area outside of the winter season then there is plenty for you to enjoy here. There are activities such as mountain biking, horse riding, the Yarrangobilly Caves, Lake Jindabyne and much more. I highly recommend you visit if you’re on holiday in Australia and not too far from the snowy mountains.

I do also highly recommend that you plan a ski holiday to the Snowy Mountains for you and all the family. We love going back to the Perisher snow each year because there are a variety of different pistes, we’re a beginner bunch and there’s plenty for us here. If you are more experienced then there are also intermediate and advanced runs too.

Booking these holidays always gets me excited because I know how much the kids love it and also the memories we will make skiing, sledding, falling over and laughing together. We’ve been skiing several times and really want to share some simple tips to help you if you’re taking your family skiing for the first time.

  • Make sure you get at least one pro lesson for your kids, the instructors are absolute angels and have so much patience with young learners. They’ll make sure that your kids learn the basics and get off to a good start.
  • Don’t try to push them too quickly. The snowy mountains can be extremely daunting when your kids see them for the first time, so take it step by step. This is why we think lessons are ideal because they are more confident when around other kids who find themselves in the same situation.
  • Avoid trying to ski all day long. If you’ve been skiing before then you know that skiing is a real workout, so the kids are going to start feeling tired very quickly – that’s when people start to get grumpy as well! We usually do a half day and then see how everyone is feeling after lunch, we might only go out for one more run then head back to the chalet for a rest.
  • If you have older and younger kids then it is a good idea to take the older kids skiing separately. It gives you time to ski together, bond and also challenge yourself.

I hope these tips help you and your family on your first ski holiday, have fun guys!