The Checklist For Choosing A Dentist

Are you on the look out for a new dentist? You may have just moved house, changed your job or you just feel that a different practice is a good idea. There are so many dental practices out there to choose from these days, so often it can take a little time to locate one that suits you. Never wait until you have a problem to pick a dentist, you need to be proactive rather than reactive!

Here are some top tips to help you find the right dentist for you:


Nearly all of us would prefer to see a dentist that you can easily reach from home or the office. It makes scheduling appointments easier because you’re able to pop down during work, lunch or on the way home. Start to make a list of the practices close to you.


The internet is such a great tool these day, so get online and start to read reviews about the practices you’ve added to your list. Then ask around, your friends and family are perfect for this because they’ll give you some honest feedback.


Nowadays all dentists have a website full of info about their practice, with images, opening hours, policy and background info. Here’s what you need to note from the website:

– Is it easy to get to?

– Do the opening hours suit my schedule?

– Do you like their philosophy towards dental treatment?

– What are the penalties for missed appointments?

– Are payment plans an option?

If you’re unable to find out any of the above from the website then give them a call and chat to the manager.


Now you should have a short list of around 3 dental practices so it is time to pay them a visit. You’re on the look out to see if the practice is clean and running well. Are the dentists using all the correct things; gloves, masks etc? Is the dentist friendly, warm and do they make you feel at ease?

If you are interested in finding a Belfast dentist then we recommend the East Belfast Dental Clinic, it’s one dental practice that does everything needed to improve your dental health. Here are the details:

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