Choosing the right candle for your home

When it comes to choosing good candles you should not only look at their appearance but also consider the fragrance as well. Getting the perfect fragrance is essential because it can change the whole feel of your home.


Usually during holidays is when we have our candles on display because it is the time of year that we have guests over or the family comes together as one. I know when I have a party I always choose to light up a few candles to really set the mood. I do however make a conscious decision about what type of fragrance I use, you can’t simply go for any one on the shelf!

Of course we will all have our own personal favourites and a lot is done through trial and error. If you have bought candles before I am sure that you the scent that you never leave the shop without, but don’t be afraid to try something new because you never know what new scents you will discover. I always like to ask my friends what candles they are burning when I visit their homes, especially if I really like what I smell! So be brave but also follow some simple guidelines and your whole home will be smelling fantastic!

Choosing the perfect fragrance can set the perfect mood for the festivities and make sure that you really get into the holiday spirit, Yankee Candles have a great range if ever you need somewhere to find inspiration. To help you on your way I have listed some great ideas below:

For the seasons

Usually the easiest way to pick a great fragrance is to match it to the season that is currently in session, to that you should follow these super examples:

Spring/Summer – You need to go for fresh vibrant scents such as; Peach, Citrus, Sweet Pea and Fresh Rain.

Autumn/Winter – Here you use stronger scents; Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate, Apple and Ginger.

For the holidays

Another fantastic yet simple way of selecting the perfect fragrance is to think about which holiday you will be celebrating, here’s my fail proof guid of what to go for:

Easter: Tulips and Sweet Pea

Christmas: Cinnamon, Christmas tree, Peppermint and basically anything that has a warm/rich smell.