Christmas Present Ideas For Your Pooch

With Christmas just around the corner it is time to start thinking about and buying what you will be getting for your family this year. The most important member of any family is of course the dog, and they should be on your list too in terms of who to buy for. Now you may say that dogs don’t understand Christmas, religion or why on earth their family is giving each other gifts wrapped in paper, but that is no reason to cut the furry one out of the gifts. In fact any day when you get the chance to buy your dog a gift is a good day and here are some ideas for what you could buy for your furry family member this year.

A New Bed

Dogs, much like the rest of us, love nothing more than to find a comfy spot to lay down, only in their case they much more of this than the rest of us. For this reason a new bed is a great idea, especially given the speed that most of them go through the beds that they have. Dog beds very quickly lose their sponginess and over time they can also be a hotbed for all manner of bacterias which your pooch brings into the home. I bought my dog Pastor a rattan Dog Basket for his Christmas present last year and he absolutely adored it, I would highly recommend one.


If you are anything like us you will be aware of what treats you give your dog throughout the year, at Christmas time however, they should have a few naughty days too! With this in mind you should go a little but crazy at the pet store in order to get your dogs some sweet treats which they can enjoy. You can buy dog-friendly chocolates and treats which makes sure that they have something hanging on the tree which is just for them.

New Toy

The best dog toy that I have bought in recent years and one which I would certainly recommend that you buy is one which stores treats inside it. There are many different brands which make these kind of toys and they are essentially a cone shaped rubber toy, with a small hole to fill treats inside. As the dog plays with the toy the treats come up, giving them hours of fun to be had. These toys also work very well to keep your dog from having anxiety when you are gone, giving them something to entertain themselves in your absence.

New Coat

Although dogs do have a fine coat of hair and a temperature control system, why not help them out a little and buy them a new winter coat. There are some super cute dog coats on the market that you can chose between and they will help your pooch look good, feel good and most importantly, stay warm and dry in the harsh winter conditions.

Don’t forget your dog this year when you buy your Christmas presents.