Dental tips that you didn’t know

Keeping your mouth healthy is all about knowing all the possibilities to protect it and putting them into practice in your daily dental routine. The thing is that that there are certain mistakes that people are making with their dental health that they don’t even know are mistakes, today we are going to talk a bit more about these, so your mouth is happy and healthy.

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Only rinse your mouth at the end

When you brush your teeth it is important that you do not rinse your mouth frequently, this is because the fluoride in the toothpaste requires time to be in contact with your teeth in order for it to be absorbed. By constantly rinsing your mouth and toothbrush when you are rinsing away all the fluoride that you need to help strengthen your teeth. The best thing to do is to have one big rinse at the end and enjoy your happier teeth!

Remember that with mouthwashes it is important not to rinse or drink any liquids for at least 30-45 minutes after you have used the mouthwash, this allows the ingredients to take effect and kill the bacteria in the mouth.

Give it a clean

One of the biggest problems that we constantly see is that people are using their toothbrushes for three months without even washing or cleaning it once! This is really concerning because a clean toothbrush is quite important because the idea is to remove plaque and bacteria and not to reintroduce it to the mouth. You absolutely need to clean your toothbrush and it is incredibly simple to do, you can easily place it in boiling water for a minute or two to kill and remove the bacteria or you could use one of the various UV sanitisers on the market.

You should wash your toothbrush at least once a week for better brushing results.

Clear your tongue

Have you ever noticed that white substance that accumulates on your tongue? You can easily see that it is not the most pleasant smelling substance and is a cause of bad breath, because it is comprised mainly of bacteria. This can cause bad breath and you can easily remove it using one of the many toothbrushes that have a tongue cleaning portion on the back of them.

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