All you need to know about dental tourism


Going abroad to less developed countries is quickly becoming a common practice for those looking to get complex dental procedures done that would normally cost a lot more in that person’s home country.

It may seem strange to go on a holiday to get dental work done, but many people are now doing it because of the much lower prices of getting dental work done in foreign countries, a good example of this is getting dental work done in Thailand and is a popular destination for this.

The benefits

There are so many benefits when it comes to these types of treatments, particularly for people that cannot afford the necessary treatment in their home country. Prices for dental treatment in countries like Thailand, the Czech Republic or Mexico can save people up to seventy per cent of the costs that they would incur at home.

Another benefit for those that do their research is high

The risks

There is always the risk that the dental industry in the country you decide to get the procedure or procedures done is not as well regulated as in your own country and this may mean that they may not complete the procedures to the same standard as a more regulated country. This is not to say that you cannot get good dental treatment in foreign countries,

There is also a risk of the procedure costing a lot more if more works are needed upon arrival home, this may mean that you will be paying much more than just getting the treatment or procedure locally.

What you need to think about

Probably the single most important thing about utilising dental tourism is the overall cost. If you add up the cost of flights, treatment, accommodation, food and recovery time, these should be less than what it would be to get the treatment locally.

The second thing you should consider is the dentist you are visiting and here you really need to do your research, because this is where a lot of people can go wrong in choosing the correct dentist to carry out their procedure. Look into where the person was educated and the types of organisations that they have worked for previously and this should give you an indication of the quality of the work that they are capable of. It is also important to see evidence of previously satisfied customers and this is usually in the form of photos or testimonials.

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