Fashion at the Grand National

Each and every year at Aintree the biggest horse race in the UK takes place, The Grand National. Thousands of race goers make their way to the Aintree Festival, but it’s not all about the horse racing!

One of the days is Ladies’ Day, this is the chance for the ladies to put on their best outfits and hats for the day. Some people plan their fashion months in advance and spend a lot of their hard earned money in order to look their best! There are even prizes on offer for the best dressed, so it can be very much worth your effort! If you need some more information about Grand National day – click here…


It’s always good to have some essential fashion tips when you’re planning how to prepare and what to wear. Here at we’re always keen to help out ladies that are keen to look their very best at the top events in the UK.

Your Make Up

With so many photographers and tv cameras you need to make sure that you’re looking fab all day! We highly recommend visiting a professional make up artist on the morning or ladies’ day. In Liverpool there are plenty of high end places to choose from – make sure you book early because we can guarantee that the places will be very busy!

Your Shoes

So this is a very important choice that you need to make! You will be on your feet all day long, so your shoes need to look both stylish and be comfortable. We know from personal experience that most people choose to look good rather than be comfortable. We prefer some comfort because you don’t want to be stumbling around as the day goes on.

Accessories to bring

Accessories are absolutely essential for the big day! You need to have your bag full of essentials. Of course you can’t trust the British weather so be sure to add an umbrella, a small mirror so you can touch up your make up when ever is needed. We highly recommend bringing along a small pack of plasters for blisters that might come as you walk around plus a camera because you’re going to want a lot of memories from the day!