Finding the perfect nanny

Hiring a nanny is a decision which of course can not be rushed and careful consideration must be taken. When I was growing up, me and my 3 siblings had a fantastic lady called Hazel who looked after us. Hazel took care of me from the age of 2 until 16, she essentially became my second mother!


I really do know, from first hand experience, how finding the right person will have a big impact on your kid’s lives. That person will spend a lot of time with them during their early years, help then learn and more importantly be responsible for their safety.


Of course we all want to take care of our kids but with work getting in the way that is not always easy to do. In order to be able to give our kids a good life we need to go out and work long hours, so therefore hiring a nanny is the only option in many cases. There are some people out there who are lucky enough to have family members that can help out, but if you do not then here are 3 great tips for find the perfect nanny.


Family and Friends

Recommendations from family and friends should never be overlooked. These are the people that are closest to you and you can be 100% certain that they will give you honest advice. Their advice will be unbiased and solely focused on helping you make the right decision. Usually family and friends will have used a nanny in the past that they can recommend or will have a network of people they can ask.


An Agency

Agencies are often a great way to find a nanny. Many people recommend that parents use a nanny agency to find one. When you use an agency you will pay a little fee but they will take all of the hassle out of it for you and give you a list of suitable candidates. Being presented with a list of people that you can interview is always reassuring and much less stressful.


Online reviews

The power of the internet should never be ignored. There are plenty of reputable platforms online where you can search for a nanny in your area. There you will also be able to read reviews, see their CV and also experience. It’s a cost effective way of finding a nanny that matches your needs.