How to improve your smile

For most of us having a great smile is very important, not only because a great smile looks good in family photos, but has actually been proven that having a great smile can not only benefit your oral health but also your confidence and self-esteem.

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Over the course of our lives our teeth become discoloured, crooked and missing due to the everyday stresses we put our mouths through, this can be through the food we eat, the drinks we drink or in some cases an unfortunate accident which eventually can all take their toll on our teeth.

Although dentists’ main concern is still your general oral health and well-being, over the last 25 years Dentists have come a long way in terms of dental technology and methods allowing you to achieve that great smile you have always wanted. Which is why many dentist are now branching out in the field of dentistry known as cosmetic dentistry, so called because this field of dentistry concerns itself with the appearance of your mouth and not necessarily the health of your mouth. Having said this cosmetic dentistry can also improve the function of your mouth, which can be affected due to missing teeth or misaligned teeth.

So what can dentists in Swindon do to improve the appearance of your mouth, using this ever expanding field in dentistry that is cosmetic dentistry?

Tooth replacement or a dental implant

Missing a tooth?  With modern materials and methods your dentist can now replace a missing tooth permanently with what’s known as a dental implant. This involves your dentist attaching a titanium screw (implant) into the jawbone where your missing tooth previously was, this implant replaces the tooth root and lays the foundations for a ceramic replacement tooth to then be attached permanently, eliminating the need for uncomfortable dentures or bridges.

Teeth whitening or bleaching

By far the most common and sort after treatment is that of teeth whitening. This painless procedure involves several visits to the dentist where they will apply a harmless chemical to discoloured teeth. The aim being to bring back the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Smile makeover

This treatment is becoming ever more popular with people that have several issues with the appearance of their mouth and teeth and thus their smile. A full smile makeover is exactly what it says on the tin, whereas your dentist will apply several methods and techniques such as the ones above to give you a perfect smile.

So if you think your smile is affecting your confidence why not contact your dentist to find out how dental cosmetics can work for you.

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