LL Bean More Than Just Outerwear

It all started in 1911 when Leon Leonwood Bean an outdoorsman at heart, returned home with damp feet, feeling cold from a hunting trip. This was the last straw for him, he had to do something. Leon had an idea to stitch leather uppers to rubber work boots to create a comfortable and functional boot for the outdoors. To achieve this he enlisted a local boot maker which was able to create Leon’s vision. From that day on history was made that changed outdoor footwear forever and a company was born that is still going strong 104 years later..

20061104  Freeport, Maine Photo by Fred J. Field A lone shopper emerges shortly before 3am from the LL Bean main store in Freeport, Maine.  The store is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 03llbean

That was a brief introduction to the amazing story of how a company evolved from one persons desire to fix a need. The company of course is LL Bean which has become synonymous with the outdoors, but they are much more than that. Over the years their products and selections have developed where they sell everything from clothing to outdoor gear.

That adventurous spirit that created the company has always been and still is prevalent today. Back in the 1960’s the outdoor recreation market was growing, they knew they had to ride with it, so they created a Back To Nature campaign where their sales of backpacking and camping increased sales.

Today llbean.com has become a popular site where many customers visit to browse and shop for their favorite items . As an added bonus shipping is free, something most company’s do not provide. They have always thought of the customer first, it is something Leon L Bean wanted and strived for, and gladly still is an important part of the company today.

Providing easy access for its customers to shop has always been important to them. They were very big on catalogs that were sent out to its customers to shop. In the mid 1970’s they introduced a credit card services which enabled customers to shop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the 1980’s they added a toll-free number in response to an increasing number of shoppers who liked to shop by phone.

No matter where you shop from you can use a LL Beam promo code to get a discount on your purchases. They have something for everyone, men, women, kids, for the home and more. Pants, shirts, shorts, jackets, dresses sleepwear, swimwear, T-shirts all in active or dress mode.

They have bedding, towels, home accessories, indoor furniture all with the quality that one expects from them. There is a reason why year after year they are ranked first or in the top 10 in many categories and have won awards from best phone and customer service to ranking number one in outdoor apparel and so many others. When have decided what you want, don’t forget to use the LL beam promo code to save yourself some money.