Mutual Societies in the Public Eye

It seems that mutual societies are increasingly more aware of their role in working with the public, their corporate responsibility is increasing and they really are doing great things for communities around the UK. One mutual society that appears to be doing some fantastic work is Scottish Friendly, they are continually finding new ways to engage with the community and bring benefit to children.

Some of their most recent initiatives have gone down a storm with locals; the people that seem to be benefitting the most right now are children. Helping kids in the community is always fantastic; everyone loves to see companies working with children to improve their education and future.

To highlight their relationship with children’s author Julia Donaldson, they recently ran a competition that gave parents a chance to win 6 Gruffalo cuddly toys for their children. All kids seem to love the Gruffalos; winners will be able to get their hands on Gruffalo himself as well as winning some of the other main characters; the mouse, the squirrel, the owl, the fox and the snake.

All parents have to do is go on to the website and post their best money saving tips. This is a great idea because it means that the customers will be able to read all opinions and tips, it really will benefit everyone involved. Obviously, the added bonus is that you can keep the kids happy if you win a prize for your post! It will be a good day if you can share some sound advice with strangers and get a gift for the younger members of your family.

Scottish Friendly don’t just give toys to kids, they go much further than that. One of the most impressive things they are doing at the moment is visiting schools as part of a book tour. They have funded a trip for author Marcus Sedgewick to do a book tour. He is an extremely popular author amongst young readers; so far the tour has been a huge success.

Marcus was sent on a week long book tour of the Western Isles of Scotland, they visited some remote schools with very few students in them and also some larger schools. It is a great idea to send an author to speak about and read his book; it promotes reading with young people. It will inspire them be more creative, write in a better way and improve their overall education. The mutual society should really be applauded for all of their fantastic work in the community.