Personalised Memorial Headstones

It can be a difficult time when you lose someone and a fitting tribute to them and their lives can be creating a personal memorial headstone to remember them by. It is not going to be cheap so you might want to think of a budget for the complete cost of what you can afford to pay.

Personalised Memorial Headstones


It is important that you get this right, talk to friends and family as to what they would like the headstone to say and look like.

Make sure that what you are thinking about the wording and the style fits in with the person and their character. It needs to feel right. The wording can be very personal to you or it can be very simple and plain, whatever you choose make sure that you have spent time crafting exactly what you want to say.

Stone Masons

It is important that you find the stone mason that you can work with, it is entrusting a very important task and you need to find the right one for you. Ask for recommendations from other people and check out the quality of the work. You need to feel comfortable that they will take your thoughts and design and turn them into something that you will be proud of.

Talk to the stones mason to see what they think about your design and the price that the personalised memorial headstone will cost to create, does it fit within the budget you had in mind? You might need to talk to the mason to see how to fit your thoughts and ideas into a design that you can afford.

There are so many different options that could be open to you and the amount that you spend can rocket very quickly. You need to think carefully before you spend too much money, and with regard to the design and the costs, does it reflect the person it is to represent? Would they have rather the money be spent in other areas or given to charity?

Don’t give the stone masons the go ahead just yet though.


You will need to check with the people that are in charge of the grounds where you want the headstone to be erected. There might be restrictions that you need to take into consideration too.

What is important is not to rush the design or the decision, it doesn’t need to be erected in a hurry, and you have plenty of time to get it right.