Surprise your Teacher

Some of the best times of your life will be spent at school and it will not be uncommon for you to develop some very strong bonds not just with other students but also with your teachers. Not so popular a couple of generations ago but a growing trend amongst students these days is the giving of teacher gifts at the end of a term or even after a graduation. Now it is very possible to simply gather all the students around and collect a small amount of money off each of them and buy something off the shelf. However, you might want to use your imagination and create something a little more personal for your teacher to have as a keepsake.

A simple, cheap and effective way to do this might be to make a framed collage of all of the students. It’s very simple to do and your teacher will love it. The first thing you will have to do of course is to go around your class and collect a couple of photographs of each student. Try to agree on a standard size, maybe 7×5 inch where students are in groups. You don’t want a portrait sized picture of one student blankly staring out of the frame dominating the collage. Try to get pictures of students doing fun things, maybe on a field trip or doing activities in class.

The next thing you need to do is get a picture frame. The size of the frame is up to you but you shouldn’t do something too large. Your teacher may keep it on their desk at work and probably will not want a huge piece of art to hang above the fireplace at home. That spot is usually reserved for their family!

After you have selected the photos and frame it is then just a case of selecting and cutting out the pictures and neatly arranging them on the picture board. Again here you can really show off your creativity. When all the photos have been arrange and glued into place all that is left to do is put the picture back into its frame and wrap up your memento in some fancy paper. You can be sure that when your teacher opens it they will have a great surprise and there can be no doubt that you have created something different for them to remember you by.