Taking your baby to Greece


I was recently lucky enough to take my 8 month old daughter on holiday to Greece, both my wife and I were so thankful that we chose this beautiful country for a family holiday. Now you may think that travelling with a child is difficult, but it is definitely possible once you know how. Here are some tips that I wanted to share from our experiences.

Where to stay

Greece is a country that relies very heavily on tourism and as a result it has a number of accommodation options that are possible, these include things like apartments, villas, hotels and even the homes of the local people!

We found that the most important thing to think of was the safety of our child when choosing somewhere to stay, especially with the distance to other things and if you plan to walk everywhere. For example, imagine having to walk a long way to the beach, while this may be OK for two healthy adults, a baby adds another level of complexity.


Greece is one of the most historical places that you could possibly visit on this planet and it has a rich ancient history that has largely influenced our way of life today. Crete is one such example of Greece’s famous past and is world famous for the myth of the Minotaur that lived under the Knossos palace in a vast labyrinth. While you won’t find any trace of this Minotaur (it is just a myth of course!), you can still explore the palace and the other attractions that Greece has to offer.

Again planning your attractions should consider your child or children, because some . It is important to think about your mode of transport, because some will naturally be quicker and more comfortable than others. If it is possible it is ideal to hire a car.


This is a country that is naturally famous for its food, particularly with delicious dishes like saganaki, souvlaki and moussaka. These are a must try and if you are looking for something sweet there are also a number of options like syrup cakes and baklava.

It is important to remember that Greeks usually eat a lot later than other cultures and lunch time is normally after 2pm and dinner from 9pm onward. So if there is a place that you would like to eat at, perhaps scout it out first or look up the opening hours online.

For your child there is a readily available source of baby food from supermarkets, however if you are unsure it is a good idea to pack a good supply of food before, until you can locate all the right things in the supermarket or other stores.

The little things

Greece is a warm and sunny place and you will need to bring along a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water for not just your child, but also yourself. Be wary of the wind as it may cause wind burn and give you the idea that it is cooler than it actually is. Most of all have a happy and safe holiday with your baby!