Top Things You Need For A Wedding


With wedding season almost here and brides around the world stressing about those last minute details, many more brides-to-be will be just thinking about starting to put their wedding plans together. Whether you’re in a long term relationship that’s bordering on marriage or you’re recently engaged, you might be wondering what you should plan first and foremost of your wedding. With so many things to think about, here are the top things you should plan before you get too carried away.


Booking your Yorkshire wedding photographer should definitely be one of your first steps when planning a wedding. Photographers book up incredibly quickly – especially for spring and summer weddings – and you don’t want to be left out in the cold so to speak when it comes to needing to pick photographers. You definitely want your first choice as you don’t want your wedding photos left to chance.


The venue is another thing you definitely need to look into booking first. Without a venue you won’t have a reception. Like photographers, these get booked up incredibly quickly and you can be left having to settle for something you don’t want in the event of waiting to book your venue. Whether it’s an estate hall, a small local tithe barn or something in between, booking as soon as you know when your wedding date is will save you hassle down the line.

Church Or Registrar

Booking the church or registrar is the next thing you will want to think about – and probably the main thing you will want to consider first above everything else. The proper marriage aspect of the wedding day is probably the most important, so ensuring you have the registry office or church booked for your preferred day is paramount.

DJ or Band

Another aspect you will want to look at early on is the DJ or band you want playing at your reception. While many people aren’t too bothered about specific DJs, you will want to ensure you end up with one who has good reviews and can accomodate your requirements. It might be a good idea to shortlist DJs or bands and contact them early on to compare packages and needs.


The caterer is one of the most important aspects of your reception and you will definitely want the company you prefer to handle the meal. The meal is one of those things that – for better or worse – people could be talking about for months, if not years, to come, so you want to be sure that it really dazzles and nothing is left to chance by booking your first preference caterer.

So there you have the top things in a typical wedding that you should consider booking before anything else to ensure your day is the fairytale you’ve always dreamt of.